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Open Standards

Like you, we hate being vendor-locked into closed platforms.

That’s why Levitate supports open standards — OpenMetrics, OpenTelemetry, and integrates with open-source tools such as Prometheus, VictoriaMetrics, InfluxDB, Telegraf, and StatsD.

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Why Open Standards?

Today’s monitoring tooling is divided into two extremes.

While OSS tools are easier to start with, there is inherent toil of managing and scaling them for engineering teams.

Proprietary platforms take away the pain of managing but may fall short on keeping up with open source innovation and have a possibility of vendor lock-in.

We understand the importance of open standards and the value of being a managed offering simultaneously.

That’s why Levitate is managed and supports open standards such as OpenTelemetry, OpenMetrics, and Prometheus Exposition for faster integration, quick onboarding, and keeping up with the industry trends.

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Unified Data Warehouse

Send data via OpenTelemetry, OpenMetrics and from Prometheus, VictoriaMetrics, InfluxDB, Telegraf, Kafka, StatsD, and many more!

With AWS CloudWatch, DataDog and other proprietary integrations, our customers move existing workloads to Levitate with ease.

Go through the growing list of Levitate’s integrations.

Built for Cloud Native

Cloud Native Kubernetes workloads are ubiquitous today but come with their own data growth challenges which affect their observability.

Levitate’s in-built support for High Cardinality makes it a unique choice for monitoring cloud native applications at scale.

“Our global infrastructure generates millions of events per minute at peak, which we ingest to Levitate for analysis, monitoring and alerting. This thing scales.”

Subhash ChoudharyCTO Dukaan

Do away with the toil of managing your own Prometheus

Start your monitoring journey today with Levitate. A Managed Time Series Data Warehouse that SREs trust.