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Providing visibility
into the Rube Goldberg of microservices.

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Operational Intelligence

Empowering engineering teams

Azret Deljanin

“Last9 has helped Yieldstreet identify, track, and understand the most important metrics impacting our investors with data our microservices services were already generating. We can resolve issues faster and reduce our team’s alert fatigue.”

Ashutosh Agrawal

“Last9 is my Cockpit to streaming to millions.”

More peace time, less war time

More peace time

less war time

Every engineer has been pulled into a war room. These are puzzle assembling exercises. 10 chrome tabs, frantic searching, and wondering which microservice has gone down, where.

We want to change that

Re-thinking observability in the microservices era

Re-thinking observability in the microservices era

First, measure what matters.

Levitate is a managed Prometheus giving you a better picture of your microservices architecture - so you can reduce costs, help engineers focus on product, & not worry about scaling your systems.

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Being ‘observable’ means nothing, if we can’t perform actions on it.

Compass helps you create an affirmative action plan to prevent downtimes, reduce mean time to discovery during service degradations, & create policies to help you measure the impact of your service performance.

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Deprecating your
known unknowns to the Last9


SLOs eased

You can either love running or hate running, but you will definitely love this analogy - take a fresh look at SLOs!


Services; not Server

Gone are the days of yore when we named are our servers Etsy, Betsy, and Momo, fed them fish, and cleaned their poop.

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SOC2 Type II certified

Last9 cares deeply about its customer’s data and is SOC2 Type II certified. Please contact us at hello@last9.io for the report.

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