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Cloud Native Monitoring

A High Cardinality metrics data warehouse to scale reliably and reduce costs.

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You’reconcerned about…
…problems with high cardinality data.
…monitoring costs being out of control.
uptime of Prometheus infrastructure.
…irrelevant alerts and the associated alert fatigue.
…dashboards being painfully slow when needed.
And weLevitate them.
Levitate by Last9

Say hello to Levitate

A Managed Time Series Data Warehouse that SREs trust.

Why We Are Different

With Levitate, we eliminated the toil of self-hosted Thanos for long-term storage. We no longer have to worry about complex dashboards and alerts failing to load in critical moments. We can actually use the metrics we generate with Levitate. It just works.

Matt IselinHead of SRE

Alert Studio

An end-to-end alerting tool conceptualized to tackle High Cardinality use cases. Designed to reduce alert fatigue, improve Mean Time to Detect issues.

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Alert Studio

Observability is a foundational building block and can unlock much goodness — however, it’s deviously complex to get right. The founders at Last9, aptly named, have been amazing partners in trying to make inroads on what a solid observability platform should be and hit most, if not all, of the building blocks. Read More

Levitate is the ultimate solution for Disney+ Hotstar’s scaling requirements — providing a flawless user experience and uninterrupted delivery of content, ensuring seamless streaming for its users.

750MSamples per minute
50MRead Requests per minute
1BActive Time Series
Adding to your 9s

A stitch in time saves nine. We strive to help you improve your 9s to the… Last 9.

Open Standards

We are Prometheus and OpenTelemetry compatible and work with most of the Open Standards. No vendor lock-in. Integration in minutes.

High Cardinality

With advanced flow control, cardinality limiter and concurrency controls, never worry about high cardinality challenges again.

Zero Toil, Fully Managed

Scaling your monitoring infrastructure should be last of your worries. With zero management from your side, slash the TCO of monitoring tooling by about 50%.

The RCA of Alerting

Get the best of Alert Studio - Our alerting tool to improve Mean Time to Detect issues. Built on the tenets of Reliability, Correlations and Actionability.

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