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Jun 19th, ‘23/1 min read

SRECon APAC 2023 Recap

Recap of SRECon APAC 2023 in Singapore

SRECon APAC 2023 Recap

The SRECon APAC 2023, hosted in Singapore, and organized by USENix served as a splendid platform for site reliability engineers to discover industry-leading trends and best practices. The conference's agenda boasted an array of intriguing discussions encompassing site reliability, systems engineering, and managing intricate distributed systems at scale.

Last9 had the pleasure of being a Silver sponsor at the event. We enjoyed discussing observability and how we help customers reduce their metrics TCO by 50% with Levitate - our time series metrics warehouse.

As a part of the exhibiting team at this conference, my commitments to our booth kept me from attending many of the enlightening talks and presentations. Nevertheless, I eagerly anticipate experiencing these sessions once the recordings are made available.

Here are some of the sessions that particularly piqued my interest:

The conference featured a plethora of discussions on a myriad of topics, including SRE best practices, monitoring, and MLOps applications. You can explore the full program here.

If you want to read more about past SRECon conferences, we have a recap from SRECon Americas 2023 and SRECon 2021.


SRECon APAC 2023 was indeed an enlightening event, brimming with captivating discussions. I wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone keen on keeping pace with the latest trends and best practices in site reliability engineering.



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