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Reduce Monitoring Costs

You’re most certainly overpaying for your Observability and Monitoring.

Control data with Streaming Aggregations, eliminate expensive queries with built-in control levers and data tiering. With the Bring Your Own Cloud (BYOC) deployment model, reduce the total cost of your Monitoring setup without worrying about data growth and overage fees.

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Manage the C.O.S.T. of Monitoring

All monitoring systems run into four main challenges:


As data grows, it becomes harder to query, visualize, resulting into latent dashboards, and alerting downtimes.


Managing performance, uptime, security, and reliability of monitoring and alerting becomes a challenge.


As users and product adoption grows, the monitoring infrastructure needs to support the growth.


The time & effort from engineers to manage monitoring infrastructure become unnecessary distractions.

Levitate enables engineering teams reduce COSTs by taming High Cardinality data, comes as a Fully Managed Platform, supports Cricket Scale, and removes the Toil that comes with running your own TSDB and Monitoring setup.

Control Levers

Levitate comes with default control levers that help reduce costs. These levers are four-fold:

  • Data Tiering
    Automatic data tiering avoids latent dashboards, and keeps queries across teams blazing fast.
  • High Cardinality
    Solve for cardinality at the ingestion layer to reduce storage & costs, using Streaming Aggregations.
  • Client Separation
    Control which tier can serve alertmanager queries and Grafana workloads, using access tokens and policies.
  • Concurrency Control
    Limit the active number of queries the tier can handle simultaneously.

Learn how these control levers help build reliable monitoring for 25+ Million concurrent live-streaming viewers.

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Bring Your Own Cloud

With the Bring Your Own Cloud (BYOC) deployment model, Levitate is deployed in your Cloud, or on-premise.

Save costs in three categories:

  1. Customers can retire their Enterprise Discount Program (EDP) commitment when applicable, massively reducing infra costs.
  2. Zero Egress costs and no worries about overages.
  3. Purchase Levitate from AWS or Google Cloud Marketplaces to ease procurement, avail cloud credits and discounts.

Additionally, data never leaves your infrastructure, solving compliance & regulatory concerns.

“Levitate has greatly improved our operations at Hotstar, allowing us to focus on providing live sports and entertainment to our customers. It has eliminated the need for tedious metrics database management tasks and is an essential part of our observability efforts.”

Gaurav KambojCloud Architect

Superior SLAs with Clawbacks

We’re committed to providing a managed offering that goes above and beyond current industry offerings. That’s why we back up our offerings with Service Level Agreement (SLA) guarantees and clawbacks for both Read and Write workloads.

99.9%write availability
99.5%read availability

By being a fully managed platform, Levitate takes away the toil of running and managing an in-house cloud native monitoring system at scale.

Open Compatible

If you’re locked-in with a monitoring vendor, you’re likely missing out on Open Source innovations.

Over time, legacy monitoring systems become hard to maintain due to a lack of Open Standards. It takes away precious engineering time, increases onboarding time, and adds to costs.

Levitate is Open Compatible with OpenTelemetry and the latest innovations in the monitoring world.

Do away with the toil of managing your own Prometheus

Start your monitoring journey today with Levitate. A Managed Time Series Data Warehouse that SREs trust.