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Alert Studio

An end-to-end alerting tool built to tackle High Cardinality use cases. Designed to reduce alert fatigue and improve Mean Time to Detect issues.

Built on the tenets of Reliability, Correlations, and Actionability.

Alert Studio

Core Tenets of Alert Studio


Monitoring tools watch your stack. But who watches your monitoring?

Alert Studio exposes the runtime metrics of the alert evaluation engine to the user, bringing in accountability and transparency.


Not able to get the big picture due to multiple siloed tools?

Alert Studio helps identify trends in infra, app, and business metrics. It correlates config & environment changes impacting system health.


Are false, noisy, and stale alerts destroying the effectiveness of alerting?

IaC and GitOps workflows streamline alert setups, while Anomalous Pattern Detection tackles false positives arising from static thresholds.

Change Intelligence

Introducing Changeboards — A simple view that gives a correlated timeline of system health

Introducing Change events — captures changes such as deployment & configuration changes, notify special calendar events.

Anomalous Pattern Detection

Don't get limited by just static thresholds for setting alert rules.

Detect spike changes, loss of signal, baseline deviation and noisy neighbors using  Anomalous Pattern Detection.

Agile Config Management

Automated workflows with Infrastructure as Code (IaC) tool for managing alert configurations.

  1. Component Auto Discovery
  2. Version History of Configurations
  3. Peer review of configurations using GitOps
  4. Programmatic Configuration with Python SDK and first class API

Open Standards

Alert Studio is fully PromQL-compatible. One-click migration from Prometheus and Grafana alerts.

Know more about getting started with Alert Studio.

Do away with the toil of managing your own Prometheus

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