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Everything you need to know about High Cardinality

One blog summarising everything on High Cardinality

Everything you need to know about High Cardinality

You’ve heard enough and more about High Cardinality.

You probably encounter it every day as an SRE, and as a user of software, it hampers your daily experience.

Visualizing and understanding High Cardinality can be hard at times.

So, we built highcardinality.com - a simple, fun website that explains what High Cardinality is from the prism of a bookshelf.

Do check it out ⬇️

  1. An ELI5 (Explain it Like I'm 5) on High Cardinality - here
  2. How endemic is Cardinality? For that, we need to look at food delivery apps, and why they have so much chaos on December 31st - here
  3. If Cardinality is such a massive issue, why can't it be fixed? What are we missing? When does one focus on it? - here
  4. Samples vs Metrics vs Cardinality. Another simple example of the impacts of High Cardinality - here
  5. What is High Cardinality in the context of monitoring while using Prometheus and Grafana? - here
  6. How 'streaming aggregations' can rein in high cardinality (nerd paradise article you should totally read) - here
  7. What makes Levitate (our managed time series datawarehouse) different? - here
  8. Taming High Cardinality by sharding a stream - here

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