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Jun 19th, ‘23/2 min read

QCon New York 2023 Recap

Recap of QCon New York 2023 Conference

QCon New York 2023 Recap

QCon conferences are a series of international software development conferences organized by InfoQ, a community-driven online publication focused on software development and emerging technologies. The events bring together industry professionals, thought leaders, and experts to share knowledge, insights, and experiences in various aspects of software development, architecture, and engineering.

I did a Twitter space with Matthew Sanabria from Hashicorp on Unpacking Insights from QCon New York 2023: Key Takeaways.

QCon New York 2023 was a great opportunity for software engineers to learn about the latest trends and best practices in the industry. The conference featured a number of interesting talks, covering a wide range of topics.

Last9 was a Silver sponsor at the event and we enjoyed discussing about Observability and how we help customers reducing their metrics TCO by 50% with Levitate - our time series metrics warehouse.
Last9 at QCon New York
Last9 at QCon New York

Although, I could not attend most of the talks, as I was busy at our booth, I am looking forward to the videos once they are published. Here are some of the interesting talks around Reliability at Scale and Observability that I am looking forward to.

Track: Architectures You've Always Wondered About

Building Sub-Second Latency Video Infrastructure at Cloudflare by Renan Dincer

Several Components are Rendering: Client Performance at Slack-Scale by Jenna Zeigen

Track: Designing Modern Reliable Architectures

Reliable Architectures Through Observability by Kent Quirk

Architecting a Production Development Environment for Reliability by Henrique Andrade

Survival Strategies for the Noisy Neighbor Apocalypse by Meenakshi Jindal

Article from Bhupendra Mishra on his reflections from QCon New York 2023.

Track: Modern Data Architecture & Engineering

Building a Large Scale Real-Time Ad Events Processing System by Chao Chu

Track: Doing Platform Engineering Well

Scaling Organizations with Platform Engineering by Lesley Cordero

How DoorDash Ensures Velocity and Reliability through Policy Automation by Lin Du

Perils, Pitfalls and Pratfalls of Platform Engineering by Charity Majors

High Cardinality War Stories

Piyush, CTO at Last9 gave a talk on High Cardinality War Stories. He delved into the anatomy of a metric and issues that High Cardinality can help resolve, from combating Noisy Neighbours to battling in the Streaming Wars and dealing with the pulse of High Cardinality. Here is the slide deck of Piyush's talk.

High Cardinality War Stories Piyush Verma 1
Slides from Piyush Verma's talk on High Cardinality War Stories at QCon NY 2023

There were tons of other talks on various topics ranging from Staff+ engineering to LLM to ML in Practice. The full program can be found here. Looking forward to the videos from QCon New York 2023!



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Prathamesh Sonpatki

Prathamesh works as an evangelist at Last9, runs SRE stories - where SRE and DevOps folks share their stories, and maintains o11y.wiki - a glossary of all terms related to observability.

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