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Cloud Monitoring Solution

Levitate is a Monitoring Platform Purpose Built for Modern Cloud Native Applications with High Performance.

Levitate is highly available cloud-native monitoring solution, built with support for high cardinality and long term metric retention.

Seamlessly oversee cloud observability, server monitoring, and distributed systems. Get unparalleled insights without the high costs.

No credit card required

How is Levitate different from other cloud monitoring platforms?

Levitate is built with warehousing capabilities baked-in to mitigate the problems of high cardinality, concurrent access, high availability, long term metric storage with fast query performance, and proactive alerting.

Bring precision to your cloud application monitoring strategy. From microservice monitoring to system observability, to monitoring the cloud, Levitate has got you covered. Focus on what matters, without blowing up costs.

Learn how Levitate reduces 50% of your observability and monitoring costs.
Time Series Data Warehouse
AWS Cloudwatch Metric Stream
Flow Control
  • Cardinality Limiter
  • Concurrency Limiter
  • Streaming Aggregation
Data Tiering
  • Blaze Tier
  • Cold Tier
  • No Downsampling
Access Control
  • Access Tokens & Policy
  • Client Separation
  • Query Acceleration
Ease of Use
  • Familiarity of PromQL
  • Democratization of alert rules
  • Cardinality Limiter

End to End Cloud Monitoring & Observability

Levitate comes with control levers that help reduce monitoring costs. These levers are four-fold:

  • Data Tiering
    Automatic data tiering avoids latent dashboards, and keeps queries across teams blazing fast.
  • High Cardinality
    Solve for cardinality at the ingestion layer to reduce storage & costs, using Streaming Aggregations.
  • Client Separation
    Control which tier can serve alertmanager queries and Grafana workloads, using access tokens and policies.
  • Concurrency Control
    Limit the active number of queries the tier can handle simultaneously.

Bring Your Own Cloud

With the Bring Your Own Cloud (BYOC) deployment model, Levitate is deployed in your Cloud, or on-premise.

Save costs in three categories:

  1. Customers can retire their Enterprise Discount Program (EDP) commitment when applicable, massively reducing infra costs.
  2. Zero Egress costs and no worries about overages.
  3. Purchase Levitate from AWS or Google Cloud Marketplaces to ease procurement, avail cloud credits and discounts.

Additionally, data never leaves your infrastructure, solving compliance & regulatory concerns.

“Levitate has greatly improved our operations at Hotstar, allowing us to focus on providing live sports and entertainment to our customers. It has eliminated the need for tedious metrics database management tasks and is an essential part of our observability efforts.”

Gaurav KambojCloud Architect

Superior SLAs with Clawbacks

We’re committed to providing a managed offering that goes above and beyond current industry offerings. That’s why we back up our offerings with Service Level Agreement (SLA) guarantees and clawbacks for both Read and Write workloads.

99.9%write availability
99.5%read availability

By being a fully managed platform, Levitate takes away the toil of running and managing an in-house cloud native monitoring system at scale.

Complete Monitoring Stack

Levitate is one-stop cloud monitoring & observability solution with superior alerting, hosted Grafana and a highly scalable Time Series Database.

In built alert management, with proactive monitoring across multiple domains from business KPIs, product workflows, application performance management and server monitoring alerts.

More than just Infrastructure Monitoring

Kubernetes Monitoring

Kubernetes plays a pivotal role in automating the deployment and management of microservices. Achieve comprehensive insights into the health and performance of your Kubernetes cluster and k8s environments with Levitate. Get real-time analytics and comprehensive insights, ensuring that any discrepancies or potential issues are promptly identified.

SaaS environment monitoring

SaaS infrastructure monitoring provides a comprehensive performance monitoring solution, offering complete visibility into all facets of your enterprise's digital ecosystem such as multi-tenancy, geos, and performance monitoring. This includes both cloud-hosted and off-the-shelf Software as a Service (SaaS) applications.

Cloud Server Monitoring

Efficiently monitor server performance in the cloud with Levitate. Leverage cloud-based server monitoring to keep track of your dynamic cloud systems. Our monitoring solution enables quick analysis and optimization of resource usage, real-time issue notifications to teams, and more, extending beyond standard infrastructure monitoring for your cloud server environments.

AWS Cloud Monitoring

Tailor your AWS cloud environment monitoring to align with your business objectives using Levitate. Guarantee that your infrastructure and applications operate as intended, meeting the performance benchmarks required by your cloud-native applications. Gain visibility in your AWS cloud servers without incurring the additional costs associated with AWS CloudWatch monitoring.

GCP Cloud Monitoring

Utilize Levitate for real-time monitoring of your Google Cloud infrastructure. Detect and address issues promptly, safeguarding your business metrics. Our monitoring solution offers full visibility into your GCP resources and application workloads. Respond swiftly to critical incidents with built-in alerting, and optimize resource utilization to enhance both performance and cost efficiency for GCP monitoring.

Microservice Monitoring

Effectively track customer-impacting issues using Levitate's microservices monitoring solutions. Our monitoring solution seamlessly correlates infrastructure, application, and cloud environment metrics, allowing you to monitor real-time performance issues. Levitate provides highly scalable alerting and metric storage capabilities, simplifying the monitoring of complex microservices-based application environments.

Infrastructure Monitoring

Adopt proactive infrastructure monitoring to guarantee that your distributed, cloud-native applications, services, servers, and environments consistently meet the availability and performance targets aligned with your business objectives. Levitate allows you to gather infrastructure metrics from various cloud-native environments, including Kubernetes, distributed microservices deployments, and cloud servers. Get real-time insights, delivering proactive alerts to empower your organization to attain its business metrics and avoid downtime.

Full Stack Monitoring

Levitate's full-stack monitoring and observability empowers you to correlate application metrics, transaction metrics, custom metrics, and infrastructure metrics, providing valuable insights into the performance of your cloud-native applications. Our full-stack monitoring and alerting solution enable comprehensive resource monitoring within your cloud environment, covering applications, infrastructure, and cloud services. Gain visibility into the health and performance of each environment layer at a glance, fostering improved collaboration and alignment within your team.

CDN Monitoring

Swiftly pinpoint and address performance bottlenecks at the source with Levitate's CDN Monitoring. Real-time monitoring of CDN metrics allows you to grasp your customers' true experience. Streamline and unify your monitoring dashboard to pinpoint the exact layer in your stack causing issues with our CDN monitor solution. Levitate seamlessly integrates with content delivery networks (such as Akamai, Fastly, and Cloudflare) with our out-of-the-box support for metric-based CDN monitoring, CDN performance tracking, and CDN monitoring solutions.

Container Monitoring

Levitate's monitoring solution helps your team track performance of containers in cloud-native applications and get visibility into your microservice architectures - by gathering and analyzing container performance metrics at scale. The ephimercal nature of containers introduces additional complexity to your monitoring efforts. Levitate enables real-time monitoring of your containerized, cloud-native applications, ensuring optimal app performance.

Proactive Monitoring

Stay ahead of potential issues through Levitate's proactive monitoring and alerting capabilities. Proactively monitor your cloud infrastructure and applications, empowering you to make strategic, data-driven business decisions rather than reactive ones. With our long-term metric storage, you can unlock capacity planning and optimization without incurring overages or high monitoring costs.

Application Monitoring

Application monitoring is a critical component in ensuring the performance and availability of your applications. Levitate enables end-to-end monitoring of your applications, guaranteeing that your enterprise solutions consistently meet performance and reliability standards. With our hosted Grafana, you can effortlessly create and display dashboards featuring real-time metric data, allowing you to closely observe the performance and health of your applications and environments.

The Levitate Advantage

Long Term Metric Retention

Solve your Prometheus retention challenges with Levitate. Data retention with upto an year without any rollups are supported by default using automatic data tiering.

Alerting and Notifications at no extra cost

While other managed prometheus providers charge you extra for running Prometheus alertmanager, Levitate has built-in, highly scalable alerting support with seamless import capabilities from your existing Prometheus alerting YAML.

Available on AWS and GCP Marketplace

Ease your monitoring tools procurement with Levitate on AWS Marketplace and Google Cloud Marketplace. Reduce your observability cost, retire your EDP credits early, and eliminate your billing hassles.

Open Source Data Collectors

No proprietary agents for collecting data. Levitate supports open standards — OpenMetrics, OpenTelemetry, and integrates with open-source tools such as Prometheus, VictoriaMetrics, InfluxDB, Telegraf, and StatsD.

High Availability

With horizontally scalable, replicated, multi-AZ architecture, Levitate provides HA out of the box eliminating challanges with Prometheus High Availability and Federation.

On-Premise Monitoring Support

Don't leave the comfort of a Prometheus on-prem deployment with Levitate’s BYOC deployment. We support fully managed deployment in your on-premise environment and data center—no compliance and regulations challenges. Data always stays near your infrastructure.

60% cost reduction in your Monitoring Costs

Start your monitoring journey today with Levitate — a fully managed, cloud monitoring solution.