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Aug 9th, ‘23/Changelog

Levitate Health Dashboard

Monitor the health and performance using the Health Dashboard that ships automatically with every Levitate cluster.

Levitate Health Dashboard

We are releasing the health dashboard for all Levitate clusters. The health dashboard will help in understanding the performance and state of each Levitate luster. It will give you a complete picture of the Levitate cluster performing in real-time.

Consider it same as status page for each Levitate cluster, but one that you can customize, set alerts on and can take full advantage of!
Levitate health dashboard
Levitate health dashboard

The health dashboard contains information such as

  • How many write requests are succeeding?
  • Rate of sample ingestion
  • Read and Write availability
  • Ingestion lag and latency
  • Cardinality limits
  • …and many more failure modes.

The complete list can be found here.

Metric Panel Name Aggregation Panel Type Comments
Write Success Write sum Time Series
Ingestion TPS Samples Ingested max Time Series
Write Errors Write sum Time Series
Write Availability Write Availability sum Time Series % of write requests that failed
Write Latency Write Latency 0th → 10th Decile Histogram
Ingestion Lag Lag avg Time Series
Read Success Read sum Time Series
Read Errors Read sum Time Series
Read Latency Read Latency 0th → 10th Decile Histogram
Cardinality Limited Metrics High Cardinality metric cardinality > 1M Time Series
Cardinality Limiter early warning High Cardinality suspicious metric cardinality > 60M Time Series Metrics that might hit the cardinality limit
Ingest Errors Bytes dropped sum Time Series Samples permanently failed to ingest

Levitate health dashboard is available for all Levitate clusters in the Embedded Grafana automatically; click on View Health.

View Health of a Levitate cluster
View the Health of a Levitate cluster