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Jan 16th, ‘23/Changelog

Embedded Grafana & InfluxDB integration support

We added support for embedded Grafana and InfluxDB integration

This release of Levitate is all about close collaboration with other Observability tools and workflows you already use in day-to-day work. We bring support for Embedded Grafana within the Last9 Dashboard and first-class support for InfluxDB integration with Levitate. Let’s dive in.

📉 Embedded Grafana

A brand new Explore the tab is added in Last9, where you will find — guess what — an embedded Grafana Dashboard where you can create Dashboards on top of your Levitate Clusters.

Explore embedded Grafana in Levitate
Explore embedded Grafana in Levitate

👷🏻‍♀️What’s possible and what’s not?

  • Explore your metrics with built-in grafana
  • Works out of the box with your levitate clusters
  • Create observability dashboards and panels using PromQL
  • Alerting and SLOs on top of grafana dashboards are coming soon

🐯 InfluxDB <> Levitate

Integration support for getting data from InfluxDB into Levitate using a push-based approach via vmagent. Forget the hassle of pull-based models.

The flow is as follows:

InfluxDB -> Levitate
InfluxDB -> Levitate

Detailed integration documentation, alternatives, and working code samples are below.

📞 Telegraf to Levitate
How to configure Telegraf to send data to Levitate using the Prometheus Remote Write feature
Telegraf to Levitate

This approach supports dual writes in case someone wants to write to Prometheus and InfluxDB.

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