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Jan 16th, ‘23

Embedded Grafana & InfluxDB integration support

This release of Levitate is all about close collaboration with other Observability tools and workflows that you are already using in day-to-day work. We bring support for Embedded Grafana within the Last9 Dashboard and first-class support for InfluxDB integration with Levitate. Let’s dive in.

📉 Embedded Grafana

A brand new Explore tab is added in Last9 where you will find — guess what — an embedded Grafana Dashboard where you can create Dashboards on top of your Levitate Clusters.

Explore embedded Grafana in Levitate
Explore embedded Grafana in Levitate

👷🏻‍♀️What’s possible and what’s not?

  • Explore your metrics with built-in grafana
  • Works out of the box with your levitate clusters
  • Create observability dashboards and panels using PromQL
  • Alerting and SLOs on top of grafana dashboards coming soon

🐯 InfluxDB <> Levitate

Integration support for getting data from InfluxDB into Levitate using a push-based approach via vmagent. Forget the hassle of pull-based models.

The flow is as follows:

InfluxDB -> Levitate
InfluxDB -> Levitate

Detailed documentation of the integration along with alternatives and working code samples can be found below.

Telegraf to Levitate

last9-integrations/levitate/remote-write/telegraf/influxdb-to-vmagent at master · last9/last9-integrations

By this approach, dual writes are supported in case someone wants to write to Prometheus and InfluxDB.

P.S. We have a community Discord to discuss all things about SREs. Do hop in if interested!

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