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Aug 29th, ‘23/2 min read

Levitate - Last9’s managed TSDB is now available on the AWS Marketplace

Levitate - Last9's managed Prometheus Compatible TSDB is available on AWS Marketplace

Levitate - Last9’s managed TSDB is now available on the AWS Marketplace

We are pleased to announce the general availability of Levitate, our managed time series data warehouse, in the AWS Marketplace.

Levitate is a globally available time series & events warehouse designed for scale, high cardinality, and long-term retention. Levitate’s warehousing capabilities provide control levers to ensure cost-efficient data growth management, surpassing traditional time series storage solutions.

The AWS Marketplace is a digital catalog for customers to find, buy, deploy, and manage third-party software, data, and services for business solutions and run their businesses on Amazon Web Services (AWS). Last9’s customers can now avail of simplified procurement that AWS Marketplace offers through consolidated billing, custom pricing, and terms and retire their Enterprise Discount Program (EDP) commitment when applicable.

“This partnership reflects Last9's commitment to innovation and our dedication to empowering businesses with cutting edge Reliability,” said Nishant Modak, CEO and Co-Founder, Last9.

Levitate has halved the Total Cost of Ownership for a number of our customers. Being available on the AWS Marketplace makes the entire process of leveraging it simple, and friction-free.”

Last9s open-standards-based products improve Reliability in large-scale cloud-native environments. By providing visibility into the Rube Goldberg of micro-services, Last9 helps engineers focus on the necessary distractions of scale.

Today, there are only two choices for cloud-native monitoring: Open-Source Software (OSS) and Proprietary, vendor-locked-in solutions. Running and maintaining an OSS solution involves expertise and toil. With a closed-source solution, customers have no say in how data is stored, retained, or used.

Last9 is open-compatible and has managed control levers that put users in charge of their data. It also offers a Bring Your Own Cloud (BYOC) model for large-scale enterprises with regulatory and compliance infrastructure challenges.

More about Levitate

Levitate is a managed Prometheus compatible service with Service Level Agreement (SLA) guarantees and clawbacks for both Read and Write workloads. This eliminates the toil and upkeep of engineering teams to manage and scale an in-house metrics setup. Levitate also ingests data from multiple open standards, such as Prometheus exposition, OpenTelemetry Metrics, OpenMetrics, and InfluxDB.

Levitate can also segregate data into Tiers, with distinct access control parameters like:

  • Retention Limit - Limit the data available in the Tier—i.e., x months/days/hours.
  • Concurrency Control - Limit the active number of queries the Tier can handle simultaneously. This is the most trustworthy indicator of Performance.
  • Range Control - Limit the number of days of data allowed to be looked up in a single query. It directly impacts the number of data points or series loaded into the memory.

These control levers help rein high cardinality, and almost half the Total Costs of Ownership around running a time series database.

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