🏏 450 million fans watched the last IPL. What is 'Cricket Scale' for SREs? Know More

Mar 5th, ‘24/1 min read

Cricket Scale e01 — Ashutosh Agrawal

Unpacking "Cricket Scale" with the person behind the scenes at JioCinema

Cricket Scale e01 — Ashutosh Agrawal

One of the key takeaways from the conversation with Nishant and Ashutosh is how much engineering has progressed since the initial Infy boom. We’re now dreaming big, and the audacity to think of managing a billion concurrent users is the stuff of dreams. For an infrastructure engineer, it’s a scale that no one in the world can boast about, and perhaps never witness in their lifetime.

“Cricket scale is a chance to reach a billion people” - Ashutosh

Engineers in India are uniquely positioned to manage this scale, and that can be immensely rewarding if you’re a Site Reliability Engineer (SRE).

Ashutosh explains what monitoring systems need to deal with when big cricketing stars come to the crease; folks like Dhoni. How does one scale concurrent users, deal with concurrent rights and so.

Scaling challenges are not limited to their own infra, but even the partners they work with. Noisy neighbors can bring down the whole stack of cards, so the team works very closely with many of the partners integral to delivering this experience.

Last9, manages the monitoring stack and is a vital cog in dealing with High Cardinality data.

Ashutosh also delves into measuring the performance of systems, and how the team goes about accountability and communication during match days.

Some of the best parts of this conversation are when Nishant and Ashutosh talk about the different kinds of incidents that occur during Cricket Scale, and how to go about dealing with them. For example, What makes for a P0 and P1 at this scale:

Watching a video (Playback) being interrupted? Or Money not tickling in because of a faulty gateway etc…?

What would you categorize as a P0 and P1?

Take a moment to answer that, and ruminate over it. Then watch the talk here.

If you want to understand how Levitate differs from the rest and how it can manage what we call “Cricket Scale”, please feel free to DM me. You can also schedule a demo.



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