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Webinar: Uncovering High Cardinality

Join us on 6th July 9 AM PST for a webinar on Uncovering High Cardinality with Piyush Verma

Webinar: Uncovering High Cardinality

📅 6th July, 9 AM PST | 📍Linkedin Live | 🎤 Piyush Verma, CTO Last9.io


Observability relies on metrics as a crucial aspect, providing a cost-effective and speedy way to address SDLC and Software health queries, which can otherwise be challenging.

With metrics, inevitably, you hit High cardinality problems. While searching for profound insights from their systems, they often face restrictions due to the cardinality limitations of their observability tools. But what makes high cardinality significant, and why is it an inevitable challenge when monitoring systems on a vast scale?

We will delve into the anatomy of a metric and issues that high cardinality can help resolve, from combating Noisy Neighbors to battling in the Streaming Wars and dealing with the pulse of High Cardinality.

However, modern systems' limitations make cardinality an unsolved problem. To find the best solution for cardinality, it is crucial to understand the Metric Lifecycle. Lastly, we will define workflows that enable scaling cardinality to millions, not just thousands.



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