🏏 450 million fans watched the last IPL. What is 'Cricket Scale' for SREs? Know More

Join Last9 at DevOps Conclave

Join the Last9 team at DevOps Conclave 2024

Join Last9 at DevOps Conclave

📍March 15 2024 | Taj, MG Road | Bengaluru, India

The Last9 team will be at the DevOps Conclave conference in Bengaluru on March 15th. Come meet us, and let's celebrate Monitoring and observability!

🏆 Monitoring at Cricket Scale

Last year’s Indian Premiere League was watched by nearly 450 million viewers on JioCinema 🏏

  • How does a Site Reliability Engineer prepare to monitor their distributed infrastructure at this massive scale?
  • What do DevOps/SREs do to prepare for massive events like the IPL?
  • How do engineering teams collaborate and monitor such massive workloads? What kind of edge cases do teams witness at scale?

We built Levitate from the ground up, with control workflows baked-in, to mitigate the problems of high cardinality while providing highly available storage, faster queries, and proactive alerting to monitor Cricket Scale.

Levitate: A Time Series Data Warehouse
Levitate: A Time Series Data Warehouse

Come to DevOps Conclave to learn how Levitate helps organizations run their monitoring at Cricket Scale.

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Worry not! Schedule time with us and know how we can help you unlock more with your monitoring with Levitate's high cardinality workflows.  

Watch our blog for a recap of DevOps Conclave once the event is over.

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