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Jul 4th, ‘24/Changelog

View alerts beyond the last 15 minutes in Alert Monitor

Unlocking last 14 days history of alerts in Alert Monitor for correlations across Alert Groups while reviewing system health in RCAs and other reports

View alerts beyond the last 15 minutes in Alert Monitor

While you can view the last 14 days' health patterns of an individual Alert Group, the Alert Monitor timeline was limited to the last 15 minutes only, fulfilling only a real-time use case so far. You can now view alerts up to the last 14 days, in 15-minute windows.

This now enables you to go back in history while preparing RCAs and any other reports. We also plan to include a timestamp-specific link to Alert Monitor in your notifications.

Updates & Fixes:

  • While importing a Prometheus alertmanager configuration YAML, severity parameter is also considered now. Levitate’s Alert Studio supports two levels of severity — threat and breach. If the alertmanager YAML has a severity as warning or warn or threat, it’s mapped as a threat in Alert Studio, else any other severity is mapped as a breach.
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