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Jun 6th, ‘24/Changelog

Send LaunchDarkly feature flag events to Levitate

Visualize feature flag events as Change Events while viewing alerts in Levitate for better context

Send LaunchDarkly feature flag events to Levitate

You can now use LaunchDarkly’s native integration for Change Events instead of depending on the Last9 API. Feature flag events are sent to the default cluster configured for Change Events and events like deployment start, deployment end, flag turned on, etc can be visualized while viewing an alert’s details for better context of the environment and get a faster answer to “what changed?”.

Updates & Fixes:

  • Update: Slack template to show more actionable information in case of multiple label sets impacted under a rule, and to improve general readability and clearer call-to-action to inspect the alerts in Last9
  • Update: Removed the 200-character restriction on alert rule descriptions
  • Fix: No longer allow a notification channel to be created or updated with the same name or configuration as an existing channel
  • Fix: While using Dynamic Annotations, {{$value}} should return the worst value of impacted timeseries instead of the difference in the impacted value
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