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Jan 3rd, ‘23/Changelog

Performance Metrics & Hot Tier upgrade

Improved Performance Metrics for Write and Read paths and upgrade to Hot Tier

📈 Relevant performance metrics

Performance Metrics
Performance Metrics

We have revamped the cluster performance metrics with only the metrics that matter:

  1. Throughput - How many requests are received on the read/write path?
  2. Latency - P99 of the requests received on the read/write path
  3. Errors - How many requests resulted in 5xx on the read/write path?

This helps get a high-level overview of the Levitate read-write paths in real-time and from a trend exploration point of view.

🔥 6 months of storage for Hot Tier

Levitate Hot Tier
Levitate Hot Tier

All Hot tiers are now upgraded to 6 months of storage by default. Migration for existing clusters is already done.

We have a community Discord to discuss all things about SREs. Do hop in if interested!