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May 2nd, ‘24/Changelog

Group Labels: Inherit labels across indicators of an Alert Group

Add labels to an Alert Group to be applied across all indicators while alert rule evaluations and unlock new workflows.

Group Labels: Inherit labels across indicators of an Alert Group

Earlier, we had rolled out the capability to apply label filters across indicators of an Alert Group. Now, you can inherit labels across indicators from the parent Alert Group during alert evaluations and notifications so that you don’t have to spend time making instrumentation changes.

You can add labels to an Alert Group by going into the edit mode in the right sidebar while viewing an Alert Group. Added labels are inherited across all indicators of the group and are included in the existing labelset, hence all alert rules of the group are evaluated against the combined labelset.

These inherited rules are displayed across alert instances in Last9 alongside the default labelset as well as in Slack notifications as Group Labels, and PagerDuty & Opsgenie notifications as group_labels.

Some use cases that are unlocked:

  • Context-specific filtering on Alert Monitor
  • Apply routing in incident management tools
  • UPCOMING Apply dynamic annotations while creating an alert rule
  • UPCOMING Apply grouping in Alert Monitor

Group Labels can also be maintained by declarative alerting via IaC. The updated YAML structure with the new labels key would look something like this:

  - name: quant-services
    external_ref: quant-services
    type: service
    entity_class: alert-manager
    namespace: test-namespace
     - name: throughput
       query: sum(up)
       unit: count
      - indicator: throughput
        name: throughput_2000
        greater_than: 2000
        bad_minutes: 4
        total_minutes: 10
      type: service
      key: value
      namespace: namespace

Other Updates:

  • Added search on Levitate’s “All Clusters” screen
  • Added / keyboard shortcut to focus on the search field if present on the screen
  • Added breadcrumbs to all screens
  • Updated all setting screens for UI consistency
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