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Jan 18th, ‘24/Changelog

Enhancements to Change Events API

The Levitate Change Events API has become more flexible so that you can track various types of events in Levitate

Enhancements to Change Events API

“What changed?” A very common reaction one has to a deviation from the expected state. The change is often not limited to metrics emitted by our code or infra components.

Software systems also get affected by external change events. These events can be from various domains, such as deployment, configuration, or external 3rd party systems. Levitate allows tracking such change events seamlessly, providing more context and insights about the state of the system.

Levitate Change Events in Grafana
Read more on Change Events.

The Change Events API is enhanced in this release so that you can add any custom attributes, which will be converted into labels by Levitate. This removes restrictions on specific labels to be present and allows the use of Change Events in unusual scenarios where monitoring is not traditionally possible.

Apart from this, a lot of minor changes to improve your Levitate experience. ⚡️✨

Get up and running with Levitate and enhance your monitoring with Change Events.