Make running
systems at scale
— fun and
embarrassingly easy.
Build the future of SRE with us
Production systems are akin to the World Wide Web. Everything is connected with each other in a way that no single person knows about it.
Like the early days of the internet, software and operations teams today keep things up and running by maintaining something similiar to a Yahoo yellow pages directory — bookmarks over bookmarks of that one dashboard which you can’t seem to find when you need it.
Last9 is a “maps & search” experience for your production web.
How We Work
We’re a remote-first company. Our team members are spread across different cities and time zones. We believe that you should not have to choose between where you live and where you work, your interests, or your community.
  • ➇ Pune, IN
  • ➅ Bengaluru, IN
  • ➂ Mumbai, IN
  • ➁ New Delhi, IN
  • ➀ Baroda, IN
  • ➀ Kharagpur, IN
  • ➀ Lucknow, IN
  • ➀ Nagpur, IN
  • ➀ Atlanta, US
We are defined more by how we do things rather than what we do. Over the course, these are some values we’ve come to identify ourselves with:
  • Customer first
  • Beauty with craft
  • Communicate and talk
  • Trust and amplify
  • Strong opinions. Loosely held
  • RTFM
  • Celebrate failure and learn from mistakes
  • Move with urgency and focus
Our own Mountain View in Pune. The space plays host to our out-of-station members, whenever they’re here. Which is quite often.
The Bengaluru team meets every couple of weeks to co-work and co-lunch.
Our CEO, Nishant, getting some early feedback from the Pune team on an upcoming product feature.
Open Roles
Don’t see a role that suits you? Reach out to us with a short summary about you, your resume and how you'd like to contribute to Last9. We are at
Still curious about what it’s like working with us? Chat with a team member.