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Do more with your metrics by Piyush Verma at GopherConIndia 2022

Piyush Verma's talk at GopherCon India 2022 on Do More with Your Metrics with Last9 and Levitate

Do more with your metrics by Piyush Verma at GopherConIndia 2022

GopherConIndia is an annual conference dedicated to the Go programming language hosted in India. It is organized for a not-for-profit trust to bring the Golang community together. The 2022 edition was a one-day conference hosted in Pune. The 2022 edition was organized after COVID-19 and saw more than 250 people from various parts of the world share their love for Golang.

Last9 was a silver sponsor at GopherConIndia 2022 and various team members from Last9 attended the event.

Piyush Verma, CTO of Last9, gave the opening talk at GopherconIndia 2022 on "Do More with your Metrics".

Here is the video of Piyush's talk.

Here is what the Civo team has to say about the GopherConIndia event.

Overall, the event was a huge success and we wish all the best to the organizers and community for future Golang events in India.



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