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Alert Studio

Built on the tenets of Actionability, Correlations, and Reliability.

Levitate’s Alert Studio builds on top of the robustness and scalability of the Levitate Data Warehouse to give you a highly flexible, scalable, and reliable alerting engine that you can trust to power your mission-critical monitoring workloads.

Alert Studio brings standardization and provides much-needed context with Change Events for better triaging.

Alert Studio

Core Tenets of Alert Studio


Are false, noisy, and stale alerts destroying the effectiveness of your alerting?

IaC and GitOps workflows streamline alert setups, while statistical Pattern Matching tackles false positives arising from static thresholds.


Not able to get the big picture due to multiple siloed tools?

Alert Studio helps identify trends in infra, app, and business metrics. It correlates config & environment changes impacting system health.


Monitoring tools watch your stack. But who watches your monitoring?

Alert Studio has been proven more accurate and reliable for enterprise-grade monitoring than other popular tools.

Change Intelligence

Visualize alerts in a Health board. Fix recurring issues by spotting patterns using historical trends. Drill down on an alert when needed, identify the root cause of an Alert by using backtesting and Explain Alert playground.

Don't get limited by just static thresholds for seasonal traffic, and irregular signals. Detect spike changes, loss of signal, find the baseline deviation and spot trends using the Anomalous Pattern Detection Algorithms.

Enforce coverage with IaC

Automated workflows with Infrastructure as Code (IaC) tool.

  1. Component Auto Discovery
  2. Programmatic Configuration with Python SDK
  3. Version History of Configurations
  4. First class API for entire alerting lifecycle

Levitate has greatly improved our operations at Hotstar, allowing us to focus on providing live sports and entertainment to our customers. It has eliminated the need for tedious metrics database management tasks and is an essential part of our observability efforts.

Gaurav Kamboj
Gaurav KambojCloud Architect

Deep integrations with incident management tools

Not all alerts are important. Use rich alert metadata from Alert Studio notifications to create automated incident workflows in Slack, Pagerduty and Opsgenie.

When an SLO drop is greater than 17% —> Create a JIRA ticket. However, if it’s only 5% then assign it to an on-call team. But again, if it’s only 1%, then ignore it.

Open Standards

Alert Studio is fully PromQL-compatible. Works out of the box with Prometheus and Grafana Alerting configurations.

Know more about getting started with Alert Studio.

Do away with the toil of managing your own Prometheus

Start your monitoring journey today with Levitate. A Managed Time Series Data Warehouse that SREs trust.