The easiest way to manage Service Level Objectives

You can’t improve on what you don’t measure. SLOs are the first step in your quest for reliability.

Create your first SLO

Get your SLOs up and running in under 5 minutes

Connect Your Data Source

Edit a few lines on your remote write config file in Prometheus to start sending data to the Last9 SLO Computer.

Express Your Objectives

Use our custom expression editor to add and define the metrics that you measure.

Set Your Desired Compliance

Burn rate, error budget, rolling window SLO—all the complex calculations, available at a glance.

Create your first SLO

Why adopt service level objectives?

Ship products faster

Delight Customers

Happier SREs

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Latency SLO

How do you set Latency based alerts? The most common measurement is a percentile-based expression like: 95% of the requests must complete within 350ms. But is it as simple?

SLOs That Lie

What are SLOs and how do you define them. We usually set SLOs that might not accurately define what the requirements are.

Latency Percentiles are Incorrect P99 of the Times

What are P90, P95, and P99 latency? Why are they incorrect P99 of the times? Latency is for a unit of time and the preferred aggregate is percentile.


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