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Death by Dashboards

Every engineer has their own custom dashboard. The dependency on tribal knowledge to understand dashboards is why every system failure is a puzzle assembling exercise.

Creating dashboards is easy, finding answers to your questions - impossible.

One ChangeBoard

Say NO to tribal knowledge. Service maps, graphs, and health insights make it easy for the whole organization to understand reliability.

One simple UI to map out your entire service infrastructure and identify service degradations.

No smart correlations

Correlations don’t exist in Grafana dashboards. Querying is already slow, and this compounds when you’re trying to identify the source of a breakdown. When you can’t correlate that to different failure points, it takes hours to solve and isolate a simple bug.

Change Intelligence

The ability to pinpoint the source of error and correlate it across cascading microservices including third party providers is powerful. This allows Compass to quickly isolate failures with ease.

With all layers of an infrastructure mapped intuitively, organisations can enable incident response processes end-to-end using Compass.

Abetting the crying wolf

Needless alerts create harmful fatigue in an org. The more trivial alerts you have, higher the chances actual system failures go unanswered.

Most alerting rules don’t account for seasonality of spikes, and further compound engineering productivity woes, and adds to chaos for on-call developers

Killing alert fatigue

With Change Intelligence, none of our customers use static alerting, because we provide anomaly detection. We factor in seasonality of spikes and determine the right alerts based on historical data.

SLO degradation: Create a ticket, don’t alert me.

SLO break: Page me, so I can fix.


Measuring end customer experiences starts with setting promises within engineering teams. The deeper an org understands engineering health with robust SLOs & SLAs, the deeper the commitment to functions across the org.

The promised land

Create SLOs across your teams to measure performance, drive accountability, and hold accountability across the health of the organisation - From engineering, product and customer service.

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