Managed Observability Infrastructure

Scale Reliably, Control Costs & Tame Data Growth.

Levitate by Last9
You’reconcerned about…
…problems with high cardinality data.
…observability costs being out of control.
uptime of Prometheus infrastructure.
…irrelevant alerts and the associated alert fatigue.
…dashboards being painfully slow when needed.
And we, ahem,well, Levitate them.
Levitate by Last9

Say hello to Levitate

A managed time-series data warehouse that SREs trust.

High Reliability. Lower Costs. Better Control.

Why We Are Different
Trusted by engineering teams at scale
Disney+ Hotstar
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What Our Customers Say
Disney+ Hotstar

“Levitate has greatly improved our operations at Hotstar, allowing us to focus on providing live sports and entertainment to our customers. It has eliminated the need for tedious metrics database management tasks and is an essential part of our observability efforts.”

Gaurav Kamboj, Disney+ Hotstar
Gaurav KambojCloud Architect

“Our global infrastructure generates a whopping 6 million events per minute at peak, which we injest to Levitate for analysis, monitoring and alerting. This thing scales.”

Subhash Choudhary, Dukaan
Subhash ChoudharyCo-founder & CTO
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Adding to your 9s

A stitch in time saves nine. We strive to help you build your 9s to the… last 9.

Empowering engineering teams

We enable engineering to focus on building the product right and remove the necessary distractions of scaling your observability infrastructure and worry about costs.

Zero Toil

Scaling your observability infrastructure should be as easy as relying on Last9. With zero management from your side, embark on a reliable observability journey with us.

Unlock better triaging with no cardinality limits

With advanced flow control, cardinality limiter and concurrency controls, never worry about cardinality woes again.

Open standards

We are Prometheus and OpenTelemetry compatible. No vendor lock in. Integration in minutes.

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